SAMCO is aware that good working environment, especially cleanliness and orderliness of the office, definitely enhance the working efficiency. Our services are handled by well trained personnel using modern equipment and safe cleaning chemicals and could ensure that all offices under our care are always clean, hygienic and provide good working environment.

          Research shows that in the first 30 seconds upon entering an establishment, a new customer forms an immediate impression of your business. Customers may base 70 percent of their perception on their first impression, which includes cleanliness inside and outside of the facility. Presenting your customers with clean building maintenance will help you establish a strong first impression to your customers – and increase the chances of repeat visits.

We have long experience in performing the following works to leading establishment.

  1. Complete periodic and routine of technical cleaning and maintenance both interior and exterior of all type of buildings including high rises
  2. Provision of routine disposables like rugs, toilet paper, liquid soap, garbage bins, etc.
  3. Landscaping and gardening both inside and outside the building


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